Stream Your Show


 Expand your Venue, Expand your Revenue

Explore the most complete streaming solution for you to monetize your next event.

Nothing to Download

Watch on your:

Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Phone,
Chromecast, AppleTV (via Airplay)

For an "Anywhere" Audience

Watch Live:

ConcertsSports, Fitness, 
Lectures, Conferences, Spiritual

What's the Cost?

You can register your first show today for as little as $5.30 (taxes not included) and start selling tickets to an international audience.
Producer Registration
To register as a producer, there is a $1 USD registration fee to set up your account 
with TiltedGlobe.
Show Registration
To register a show, there is a registration fee equal to the bandwidth registration fee for 1 viewer ticket. This is usually at $4.30 but can change depending on the length of the show.
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What does it Add up to?

Ultimately, if you were to charge $18 per ticket and you only sold ONE ticket you would make $8.88 after receiving your $4.30 reservation fee back 
Fees, PRO and Commission
You set your ticket price and TiltedGlobe takes a bandwidth reservation fee for each ticket sold 
and a commission fee of 15% 

For the merchant services there is a 
2.9% + $0.30 of each ticket sold.

PRO's apply only to shows which involve music and require rights to perform those songs live online. 
The fee for this is $1 for each ticket sold.

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